Dienstleistung Rostock GmbH - Glas- und Gebäudereinigung
Dienstleistung Rostock - Gebäudetechnische und Hausdienste GmbH

Hansestraße 21 - 18182 Bentwisch
Fon: +49 - (0)381 - 6302 177 - Fax: +49 - (0)381 - 6302 179
http;//www.dienstleistung-rostock.de - info@dienstleistung-rostock.de


The company, Dienstleistung Rostock GmbH Glas- und Gebäudereinigung was founded on 01 December 1999 and its headquarters has been in Bentwisch since 01 January 2006.

The company, Gebäudetechnische und Hausdienste GmbH was founded on 17 December 2002 and its headquarters has been in Bentwisch since 01 February 2005.

Both companies are certified in compliance with ISO 9001. Dienstleistung Rostock GmbH Glas- und Gebäudereinigung is a registered craft enterprise and furthermore certified in the building services quality association.

Service priorities are glass and industrial cleaning and technical building management including care of green areas, winter services and pest control.

Among the over 120 regional and supra-regional contract partners from Mecklenburg Vorpommern are public law enterprises and institutions, small and medium-sized private companies from a wide variety of industries and medical and care facilities.

The service contracts are executed by means of state-of-the-art work technologies and equipment, well-qualified and professionally trained personnel with a high measure of skills and expertise and according to the most recent developments in the respective craft.

The quality policy of the companies, Dienstleistung Rostock GmbH and Gebäudetechnische und Hausdienste GmbH is measured by the following parameters:

  • Long-term assured quality work in all phases of the company process is the key to satisfied customers.
  • The satisfaction of the customers is the objective of all our endeavours. Satisfied customers form the basis for the continued existence of our company and secure jobs.
  • We commit ourselves to meeting customer requirements, aspire to constant improvement and endeavour not to disturb company / operative processes.
  • The customer receives competent advice from us. Professional competence, qualified personnel and a high quality standard make us strong at a supra-regional level next to other competitors.
  • We face up to our responsibilities for the health and safety of our employees and customers, conservation of the environment, purposeful, controlled dosing of cleaning and care agents and the sparing and environmentally-compatible use of natural resources.
Member of the entrepreneurs association Rostock-Mittleres Mecklenburg