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Glass and Industrial Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning comprises complete regular cleaning of your premises. It involves value-preserving care of flooring, sanitary facilities, furniture, technical devices as well as the emptying of wastepaper baskets and ashtrays, waste separation and disposal. The work is carried out at the intervals you have specified. In order to guarantee an optimal service volume and the best cleaning success, we deploy local district managers and property managers who are always available to you for advice and support.

Glass and frame cleaning

Glass and frame cleaning involves the following services:

  • Washing the glass areas with the appropriate appliances and cleaning agents
  • Wiping of glass surfaces and leathering on corners and edges
  • Polishing the glass with the polishing cloth to remove the traces of the wiper
  • Cleaning of façades, window frames and window sills - inside and outside
  • Reach & Wash systems used for glass and façade heights up to 20 m (advantage: no costs for lifting gear)

Carpet cleaning

Thorough, professional cleaning prolongs the service life of your textile floorings and ensures faultless hygiene and an impeccable appearance.

Carpet cleaning involves:

  • Regular vacuum cleaning with high performance beater vacuum cleaners
  • Interim cleaning with dry powder
  • Stain removal by suitable means for each case
  • Basic cleaning by means of the shampooing and extraction method

Façade cleaning

Façade cleaning gives your building a radiant look and at the same time protects it from harmful environmental effects. We comply with manufacturers’ guidelines and DIN requirements and also include environmental aspects. For example, we collect the dirty water that runs off and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

More sustainable protection from further soiling is achieved by using Reach & Wash systems.

Fine cleaning of buildings

Fine cleaning of a building or the final cleaning after building completion / first cleaning or care takes place after new buildings, conversions or renovation work are completed. Dirt left by craftsmen (such as mortar, plaster, splashes of paint, drilling dust etc.) and protective foils and labels are removed from surfaces without leaving behind any dust, traces of wiping or streaks.

Basic / Intensive cleaning

Basic cleaning includes the removal of adhesive dirt and / or worn-out care films or other residues which impair the surface appearance. It goes beyond maintenance cleaning and is carried out at longer intervals.
Other workings are deep care and sealing of floorings as well as graffiti removal.

Interior cleaning of vehicles

Basic cleaning of buses and rail-bound vehicles for passenger conveyance following repairs and conversions and of newly built ships.
Maintenance cleaning of buses and rail-bound vehicles for passenger conveyance.

Cleaning with dry ice

The resulting thermal voltage detaches the layer from the base material. With the help of the speed of the subsequently impacting pellets, the coating is then completely removed. The success has two causes: on the one hand the thermal effect - on the other hand the mechanical effect. In contrast to the well-known sandblasting, however, the base surface is not damaged here.

Schematic illustration of cleaning with dry ice  Cleaning metal steps with dry ice

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